Aakarsh was born and brought up in Mangaluru, Karnataka, India. His Father, Late N. Subramanya Bhat, was a famous astrologer in Mangaluru and Udupi, who was also a great devotee of Goddess Durga. His mother is a Home Maker. Aakarsh finished his Engineering and pursued his passion of performing modern day magic and mind reading at events across the globe.

Since childhood, Aakarsh always had questions about the unknown and the life we are living. But his questions were left unanswered. However, at the age of 23, after finishing his regular show on the cruise ship, Aakarsh suddenly became aware of the Now & Here. The following years, he went into major depression realising he was not what he thought he was.

The way he looked at life entirely changed! During these periods of depression, he got into deep silence, self contemplation and meditation. After 4 years of silence, self contemplation and meditation, he finally came out realising higher truth and the cosmic play. His realisations were too profound and he did not know how to articulate them to his friends and family, initially.

Today, he guides people across the globe using both Live and online platforms, on how to liberate oneself from the mind and live a conscious and enhanced life.