Apparent Reality Vs Absolute Reality

Apparent Reality Vs Absolute Reality

Scientists have hit a glass wall when it comes to understanding the scope and nature of the universe. It consists of infinite creations, every creation having its own nature of behaviour.


Have you ever wondered what force is governing the functionality of this infinite creation? From a micro-organism to an ant to a tiger to a human to a planet to a star to a galaxy to a universe and so on…! It definitely is a singular force holding everything in place and working in harmony. This force is infinite, unborn, undead, formless, identity-less, and vibrates at the highest level of bliss. This force is of the highest intelligence and flows with love. This simplest state of reality which is not manifested is called as the absolute reality.

Absolute reality is the true source of every living and nonliving, visible, and invisible creation which has existed is existing and will exist. Absolute reality is the simplest state of reality where you are simply consciously experiencing this moment as it is.


Every creation, from the smallest to the largest, comes from and goes back to the absolute reality. Since every creation is bound to change (creation, preservation, and destruction), it’s not the absolute reality, it’s an apparent reality. Apparent reality is temporary, constantly changing in nature, it has a form and it’s impure. When I say impure, it’s not the purest state of existence. It works with a certain level of identity and behaviour pattern. Examples of apparent reality: Humans, plants, trees, technology, buildings, earth, moon, sun, and anything and everything which has a form and/or is impermanent.

An apparent reality is created with a certain degree of Intelligence (Shiva) and Love (Shakthi). The amount of intelligence and love used to create every creation varies due to cause and effect. And hence the behaviour of that creation varies accordingly.

Ultimately, depending on the temporary apparent reality for your permanent happiness will only cause pain and suffering. However, being constantly connected to the absolute reality, you will find this apparent reality to be a fun game to be played with love and detachment.

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