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Enhance Your Mind And Body At Beyond Intellect


Who We Are

Beyond Intellect is an initiative by International Illusionist, Meditation Coach & TEDx speaker – Aakarsh S. Bhat, to spread the knowledge of higher consciousness and help people experience an enhanced state of being by using their minds as evolutionary tools.

Due to ignorance, the mind has turned against us as a weapon. The only weapon to fight ignorance is Consciousness. Aakarsh teaches methods and disciplines which are helping him live an enhanced life. Meditation and silence are his fundamental practices, which eventually lead one to Self enquiry. His sessions include guided meditations followed by Q&A.For more details regarding his services, please visit the Services page.

Transcending To The Higher Consciousness

“The intellect will help you understand what you are not. But to know what you truly are is beyond the understanding of your intellect” ~ Aakarsh S. Bhat.