Mind Mastery Program

The Mind Mastery Program is an internationally acclaimed spiritual program which takes you on a deep journey unto yourself. Aakarsh will share some profound truths and methods to tackle your mind and break the chain of repetitive behavioural and life patterns. The foundation stone of his teachings are self enquiry, meditation and silence. Once you attend this program, it will leave a mark on you for the rest of your life. An intense program which will make you think hard and eventually live life blissfully. Come with an open mind.

Mind Mastery One-To-One

Introducing Mind Master One-To-One, a personal spiritual wellness consultation. An entire session(s) dedicated to transforming YOU as an individual! These personalised sessions will focus on your transformation by facing your personal life problems through the spiritual approach. This is not psychiatry. This is pure meditative & yogic approach to cleanse your ego and unconscious energies within.

Transcending to the higher consciousness

“The intellect will help you understand what you are not. But to know what you truly are, is beyond the understanding of your intellect” ~Aakarsh S. Bhat.